Monday, July 25, 2016

                                                 Last   Thursday the  ALAS  Trailblazers
                                       namely   Trish,  Marg, Janice,& Lorraine,

                                   caught  up with  our good friend  Ian Jones for morning tea

                                at the Shingle Inn Queen  Street, it was a really lovely day a lot of

                              laughter, & happiness,its amazing how our lives  have changed over

                              the last 8 years,& all that ALAS has achieved since our

                           Historic   Royal  Brisbane  and  Women's  Adoption  Apology.

                          the Apology  & Photo sits on the wall,

                         outside the lifts on level  5 Ned Hanlon Building, without that apology

                         we at ALAS  feel we would still be battling the governments for all the

                      other Forced Adoption Apologies if it hadn't been for the action of
                     Professor  Ian Jones & Noelle Cridland.

                                                Hi everyone just a reminder our next meeting
                                                is this sat 30 th July at 12 pm

                                               The Four Mile Creek Hotel,


                                         opposite the Westfield  Shopping Center,

                                          Gympie Road, Strathpne.

                                       a  selection  of lunch menus  around $15.00

                                        Also coffee & cake deals around $8.00,
                                         everyone is responsible for their own food & drinks.

                                        Membership fees  for 2016  are now due,

                                    hope to see you all,for more information please call
                                       Trish 0417077159


Sunday, June 5, 2016

                             The photos are from the 3 rd Anniversary Forced Adoption

                           Celebrations 21st March 2016,  I had problems getting

                             rid of an unknown person in the background.

                          The next Meeting is Saturday the 18 th of June

                                    Four Mile Creek Hotel.


                         opposite Westfield Shopping Center.

                       On June the 8/9 was 7 years since we got publicity for

                     The Royal Brisbane & Women"s

                     Forced Adoption Apology,

                 lets get together &  celebrate everything that's happened since.

Everyone pays for their own food & drinks, more info trish 0417077159

Thursday, May 5, 2016

                                   The May get together  will be on Sat 14 th

                                           Where?   East Leagues Club

                                                 Main  Avenue, Coorparoo  

                                 12 pm Lunch  &  Chat maybe stay for afternoon tea

                                 usual deal everyone pays for their own food & drink.

                                          Anyone affected by   Forced  Adoption

                                 are more than welcome to join us, bring a support friend if it's

                                 your first time of talking about Adoption, we are all at different stages

                                in our journey, I have been  a  co ordinator of 2  different  Adoption support                          
                               groups  the first was 1985, long before we got a the law changes which is
                               still on going. I was   Reunited in  1990, After we won the Right to our

                               Adoption Information & our files.  For more information
                                                     please phone trish 0417077159

                                   Hi,  everyone i trust you are all okay,
                                                         MAY 2016

                          on the 12 th of  this month it will be 4 years since we received
                                   The  Forced  Adoption Apology,
                                  from  The Sisters of Mercy
                            for women who were either at Wooloowin or

                       The Mater Mothers in  South Brisbane,
                          sadly we lost Bev a year ago
                             that' was  where she had Brad.

                      The  19 th    May  2009 is a very important day for ALAS

                             The Day Professor Ian Jones gave us the

                            Royal Brisbane & Woman's Hospital

                                Forced Adoption Apology

                    7 Years Ago were so thrilled to know we had been listened to

                    little did we know how that would change the attitude to Forced
                Australian  Adoption, so many other Adoption Apologies flowed on

              from that day, we will always hold Prof Jones & Noelle Cridland
               in high esteem, Thank you for changing our lives for the better.